A Word About Psalms

Welcome to the first day of our Summer Study! I hope that you have your Bible and journal ready to go.  Well actually you don’t have to have an actual Bible, you can just click the hyperlink below to read the Psalms for the day.  I personally like to have my own Bible to read from because I like to make notes in the margins.  Before you start reading please click on this link on the Bible Project website.  I suggest reading the information on the page but I highly recommend making sure you watch the video!  It will give you some great background to get started.   

Read:  Psalms 1, 2, and 3 (click on the link or use your own Bible)

Questions to Consider:

1.     Why did you sign up for this study? 

2.    Do you have a personal goal for this study?

3.    How would you rate you prayer life today?  Describe your prayer life in your journal.  

Activity for the Day:  Start your Summer Study Journal Today.  


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