Bonus Summer Study – Psalm 32

When I launched this webpage a few months back I had to goals. The first was to have a place to house all the Special Studies and Devotions. With the launch of the Summer Study I have met that goal. The second goal was to write in my blog more often. On my old blog I only wrote about my sermons, as the blog post was part of the eblast from New Covenant. So, with the new site I wanted to post more content not related to sermons. So, I did that, I posted, I think, three of four blog posts. However, upon looking for the blog section of my website today I found it missing. I think I accidentally deleted it about a month ago when getting ready for the Summer Study. I am new to this whole being a webmaster thing. So, with this Bonus Summer Study post, I start my blog again. And today is really just a video blog, as I have nothing else to type besides what I have already said. I hope you enjoy the video that I previously posted on Facebook about Psalm 32.

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