You might not know it, but I have a famous relative!! You can even google him, Froylan Turcios. He was a writer and a poet. My grandfather’s brother. A few years ago I found out that my own grandfather wrote many poems, which my mom gave to me and I have in my possession. Last weekend I pulled them out, most of them are so old they are falling apart, or the pencil and ink is slowly fading away. Jim is going to scan them so I can preserve them. Reading through them, I realize that a writer often writes about everything…! Big events or daily activities as I found one poem from my grandfather entitled “Walking.” There is nothing amazing about walking, yet my grandfather was inspired enough to write a poem about it. King David was a writer and today’s assigned reading, we have three more poems written by him. David obviously enjoyed writing about his deepest relationship with God. He wrote his complaints and his prayers. Psalm 61 is a poem about shelter and safety. Where do you find you safety today? These are hard times. Our safety might be in our homes, in a mask we wear, or even in washing our hands every chance we get. These are good practices, but our true “safety” comes from God. A God who is present and not absent, a God who listens and walks the path with us. May you be strengthened with the assurance of God’s presence in your life today. 

Read: Psalms 61, 62, and 63

1.    Where do you find safety? Make a list of places and people who make you feel safe?

2.    What is a request you have from God? David asked in vs. 4 “Let me live forever in your sanctuary?” what do you think he meant by that?

Activity for the Day:   Think of an ancestor that influenced your life in a positive way. Write or simply pray a word of gratitude for how that person influenced your life.


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