Psalm 73 finds us at the start of Book Three of the Psalter.  We are moving right along.  However, I am sad to say that as we move along we are not, at least yet, moving on to happier psalms.  You will find a change of focus though, you should notice, that the prayer are tending to focus more on community concerns, instead of individual concerns.  Psalm 73 is really about an individual struggling with what he or she is seeing in the community.  It is really about doubt.  

Doubt, what an interesting thing to talk about.  Some would find it a scary thing to talk about in church, because one would think we are not to doubt.  However, I feel it is a very human thing to have doubts.  And one thing I know for sure, if we let our doubts linger inside our minds and do not talk about them then we are destined to not grow.  In the psalm today, you will see the psalmist talk about his or her doubts, question God and then reconcile the doubts and move on.  Enjoy your reading and I will see you in the video. 

Read: Psalms 73, 74, and 75

Questions to Consider:

  1. Have you ever had doubts about anything in your life?  How did you handle these doubts?  
  2. Have you ever had doubts about God?  How have you or have you not handled these?  If you have not, how can you? 

Activity for the Day:   The psalm ends with a “Then I realized…” and a “But as for me…”, spend some time writing a prayer that talks about some of your doubts.  This doesn’t have to be doubts about God, it can be any type of doubts, but end it with the “Then I realized…” and a “But as for me…”.


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