And God Says

Well, Psalm 81 brings us to something interesting, it brings us to God’s side of the story.  For 80 psalms now we have pretty much been hearing the praise, thanksgiving and a lot of complaining of the people and now we hear what go has to say about all of this.  

When I was a teenager no one could tell me how to do anything.  I knew how to do it.  I think that is common with most teenagers, I don’t think I was special.  When I read the words of God, I sort of feel like God is speaking to a bunch of teenagers.  It appears like humanity knows how to do everything and no one, not even God, can tell them how to act.  I mean, read the Bible, that is kind of the story.  It starts in the Garden, God tells Adam and Eve how to act, and they do the exact opposite.  Then that same theme continues throughout.  I would like to think we are trending upward, doing a better job with each generation, that we are striving towards perfection, modeling our lives after the life of the second Adam, you know Jesus.  But, read it for yourself and see if you can see God talking to you a little bit in the psalm.  

Read: Psalms 79, 80, and 81

Questions to Consider:

  1. If you could sit down with God and have an interview what questions would you ask and why?  
  2. Why do you think humanity strays from the path so easily?  
  3. What do you do in your life to help you strive for perfection, to model your life after the second Adam?  

Activity for the Day:  Talk to God today.  Set aside a block of time to sit down and talk to God and then sit and spend the same amount of time that you talked to God listening to God.  


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