Longing for the Presence of the Almighty

I hope you are having fun spending these days reading through Psalms. When I read the psalms I find that some grab me more than others. Usually I attribute the ones that don’t grab me to the fact that I am missing something because of translation or simply that I don’t understand what the psalmist’s point of view was, because I cannot understand their circumstances. But then there are the psalms that come through strong and clear, like Psalm 84. Psalm 84 is a beautiful song of desire for the presence of God and I have found it to be a psalm that I return to often within my prayers.

As you read through the three psalms today, I invite you to focus your time on Psalm 84. As you read it, let its words become your words and make this beautiful Psalm your prayer of seeking God’s presence for this new day.

Read: Psalms 82, 83, and 84

Questions to Consider:

  1. List the various ways the psalmist depicts his love for God in verses 1 through 3. How do you describe your love for God?
  2. How does the psalmist describe as a way to find joy? (verse 5)
  3. When you are going through hard times, what do you do to get strength from God?

Activity for the Day:  Take some time today and think of at least three things that you can praise God for within your life and then write a simple prayer of praise to God for these things.


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