God in the Pandemic

Well hello to our friend Psalm 91.  Let’s just all say it together, we all thought this Pandemic, Covid-19, Coronavirus, would be all done by now.  When I started planning this study back in March I thought that by the time we got to July 31, we would be done with this whole mess.  I thought for sure we would all be able to reflect back on what it was like to be in the wilderness and how much the words of this Psalm look differently to us now that we are out of the wilderness.  Except we are still in the wilderness.  We have been in the wilderness for more than 91 days.  When will this ever end Lord!  So, I think you will find when you read Psalm 91 that it will feel…I don’t know…good…sad…exhausting…lonely…maybe hopeful, yes, let’s go with hopeful.  For God will rescue us, God is our refuge, our place of safety.  We need not be afraid of the terrors of the night or dread the disease that stalks in the darkness.  Yes, let’s go with hope when we read Psalm 91.  

Read: Psalms 91, 92, and 93

Questions to Consider:

  1. How has the pandemic changed your life?  
  2. What do the words of Psalm 91 mean to you?
  3. What brings you hope? 

Activity for the Day:  Record yourself reading Psalm 91 and send the video to me a kyoung@lakedeatonumc.com.  Let’s spread a little hope of Facebook.    


2 responses to “God in the Pandemic”

  1. Loraine Rainer Avatar
    Loraine Rainer

    I want to believe that God will protect me and my loved ones. Oh, Lord, give me Faith and Hope in you.
    When I read this Psalm 91, it almost sounds like nothing bad will happen to you as long has you believe and trust in Him. Not sure that is true. I have seen good people get sick, good people die everyday. I am struggling with this concept.


    1. Great interaction with the text! Pastor Jim is going to be preaching on this Psalm this weekend, you will want to tune in to hear his take on this. The way I understand this is that when the bad things happen, when the fear and terrors come in the night, those who make the Lord their refuge do not need to worry because those bad things will not conquer, protection will be provided (as in spiritual protection, sending someone who is needed, etc), you will be held up, you will be bold and strong, even though a bad thing in is happening. Verse 15 particularly speaks of this “When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them.” It is a promise that you will make it thought the bad thing. You might see others not able to make it through the same bad thing, but because you have Jesus you will make it through and will have Jesus as your shelter as you make it through. And the hard part of this is that sometimes marking it through a bad thing does mean that someone dies. But, again, I have seen people die of illness who have Jesus and those who do not. And I can see the promises of Psalm 91 all over the people who have Jesus. Does this help?


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