The First Passover Cup

Here we have something interesting, Psalms 113 to 118 are known as the Egyptian Hallel and are used in the celebration of Passover.  Psalm 113 is sung as a blessing of the first Passover cup of wine.  It is then followed by Psalm 114 which tells the Passover story.  

The context of Psalm 113 tell us a lot about the character of God.  Our God who is large, mighty, powerful and great.  Who is enthroned on high, but also a God who looks down on us.  A God who takes notice of us.  It is interesting to notice what this psalm tell us that God notices.  We see much about the character of God because we see that when God looks down he sees the poor and needy.  And then it says that he lifts those people up and places them in high places.  This speaks to the idea that God can use anyone and usually picks someone you least expect.  All of us are God’s children and loved by God.  We should look at the poor and needy in the same way and do all that we can to help share the resources that God has abundantly provided on the earth.   

Read: Psalms 112, 113, and 114

Questions to Consider:

  1. What are the characteristics of God? 
  2. What do you suppose God sees when he looks at The Villages?
  3. What do you suppose God sees when he looks at Lake Deaton UMC? 

Activity for the Day:   Spend the next few days reading Exodus 1-15.


One response to “The First Passover Cup”

  1. This is what I wrote in my journal today: This morning as I reflected on the Psalms Study that our church is providing each day, I read Psalm 113. The last verse is this: “He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Praise the Lord!” The entire Psalm was about praising the Lord and I was literally raising my arms to heaven with joy. And then I read that verse. Wow! YES!!! We were struggling so hard to have children years ago! Major and minor surgeries. Lots of diagnostics and SIX miscarriages! And then we met the Freeston’s and they taught us about La Casa de la Madre y El Niño in Bogota. Hallelujah! And now we have two wonderful children who have grown into beautiful adults. I can’t praise you enough, Jesus! Not only does it feel like miracles that these two babies became ours, but then you worked in their lives with incalculable miracles! Saving them both from addiction. Protecting them both in car accidents. Bringing Karmina into the world without the damage often caused by narcotics. I could go on and on. You know them, Lord! You know the miracles you provided and I am so grateful! Amen

    Thanks, Kristyne!


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