Few Words, Big Message!

Today you are going to read the shortest psalm in the book of Psalms, not only is it the shortest psalm, it is also the shortest chapter of the whole bible. On top of that, depending on which version of the Bible you are using it is also the middle chapter of the Bible. When you read psalm 117 you are halfway through your bible! While Psalm 117 is only two verses long don’t go thinking there’s nothing there.

This little psalm has power and truth. It is one of the most used psalms in liturgies within both the Jewish tradition as well as the catholic and protestant churches within Christianity. I think it is so popular because of its power. While only 16 words long (in the Hebrew) it calls all people (literally every nation) to praise God because His love is all powerful and His faithfulness never stops. This is getting to the heart of things and it is getting to the place of singular focus that our faith often needs to return.

This is the proclamation of the Christian faith at its very heart. When Jesus calls us to make disciples of all nations in Matthew 28, he is building off of this Old Testament declaration that God’s grace has come for all people everywhere. Today when you read through these psalms and you get to Psalm 117 picture the whole world in your mind, that is the scope of God’s love…EVERYONE! Have fun in your journey today.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Why is God calling us to praise Him in verse one of psalm 117?
  2. Think about how unfailing love has been powerful in your life in relationship to a child, friend or other family member?

Activity for the Day:   Take time this weekend to go for a walk (if you are able, if not maybe a golf cart ride) in your neighborhood. As you go for your walk think about the people who live around you and whom you happen to see out and about. As you see these people thank God, that his grace is for everyone!!!

EXTRA POINTS ACTIVITY: For some extra points, Psalm 117 is a great psalm to memorize. Then you can tell people you have memorized an entire chapter of the Bible!


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