Control What I Say

Psalm 141 is another psalm asking God to help control our speech.  Imagine that!  I guess this has been an ongoing problem for humanity.  I guess it makes me feel a little better, that we, collectively, as a people have been struggling to say nice things to each other for such a long time.  However, you would think that we would be getting better at it by now. 

I also think that this psalm warns against how easy it is to fall into the habit of gossip or tearing other people down.  It is easy, to be pulled into listening to the story about something awful about someone, the drama!  We put far less into the stories of building people up.  We only need to look at the nightly news to see this playing out before our eyes.  It is hard to find any positive stories.  The stories that pull us in are stories that tear someone else down.  It is then just a short step to ourselves being the one who is tearing the person down.  Our mouths seem to love to do this.  I will see you in the video to talk a little more about this.    

Read: Psalm 139, 140, and 141

Questions to Consider:

  1. When has your mouth got you in trouble?
  2. Has God ever sent someone to you to help keep you accountable for something?

Activity for the Day:  Plan a day of silence.  Set aside a date when you will commit to not speak for the entire day.  You might also plan this to be a day for extra devotion, Bible reading, prayer and time outdoors.  When the day is over break your speaking fast with a special meal (at sundown) and a conversation with someone special.  Talk about what you experienced during the day.     


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