Shepherd, Refugee, and King

At the beginning of this study of the Psalms, I wrote another devotional with the same title, Shepherd, Refugee, and King. Yet, here we are toward the end of the study of Psalms and we encounter three Psalms by the same writer, David. It is hard for me to imagine what David was like in real life. He started as a humble shepherd (ignored by his family, not even called to be present when Samuel came to town to worship with Jesse’s family.) Then he moved to be a musician for King Saul, hero as he defeated Goliath and consequently marrying King’s Saul’s daughter, best friend of Jonathan, and then refugee, persecuted by his father-in-law. As a refugee he even pretended to be insane to escape his enemies. Eventually, he becomes king, but it was not to be happily ever after. His life was ridden with conflict and failures. Psalm 142 and 143 sound like someone in a depression of sorts, seeking help from God maybe abandoned by friends. I would have loved to meet David. I imagine him a person of impressive personality. Dramatic at times, confident on certain occasions, humble and compassionate when needed. What is it that makes David have a “heart” for God? Maybe Psalm 144 is a clue, “Praise the Lord, who is my rock,” or “I will sing a new song to the Lord,” and it ends with a benediction of sorts for those who trust in God. In summary, I just think that whatever your personality, God has room for all of us. We can be dramatic, quiet, confident, or reserved, yet we can all find shelter in God. What hope!!

Read: Psalm 142, 143, 144

Questions to Consider:

  1. Can you find yourself in Psalms 142 or 143?
  2. Do you know someone who might be feeling lonely or depressed? Is there something you can do to assure them they are not alone?

Activity for the Day:   Think of someone who has a completely different personality than your own. Thank God for their gifts and strengths. Take time to praise God that he is faithful to all of us, no matter who we are.


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