The End!

We made it to the end!  Woohoo!  The last five psalms are known as the “Final Hallel”.  If you remember from my sermon “hallel” means “praise”, so these five last psalms are the final praise.  In the last psalm, Psalm 150, the verb “praise” occurs thirteen times!  So we end with praise and a lot of it!

We have been on a adventure.  We have explored a range of human emotions.  We have gone to dark places and come out the other end.  We have hidden in fear and stood boldly before God.  We have been wise and we have been fools.  We have heaped ashes on ourselves and we have danced with joy! We have done it all on our adventure.  And through it all we will praise the Lord because we can trust in the Lord, our Rock, Shelter, Hiding Place, Savior, Strong Tower, Deliver, Shepheard, Fortress…the list goes on and on!  Praise God!   

Read: Psalms 148, 149, and 150


6 responses to “The End!”

  1. I’m one who grew up in the Catholic Church so never read the Bible. Really enjoyed getting up early, sitting on my porch and doing this study every day. WOW and thanks you!! Sue Flowers


    1. It makes me smile that we both did this study sitting on our porches. I am so glad you have enjoyed getting deeper into the Bible.


  2. Thank you for the study. I’m in upstate NY for the summer, and it’s been a blessing to have this opportunity. Right now I can hear a hymn being played on the chimes from a church across the bay. Lots of reminders of the goodness of God.


    1. It is so wonderful that we are able to connect across all these miles. I hope you continue to enjoy your summer. Be safe.


  3. Thank you for the Psalms study! Loved the readings and especially loved the personal comments and videos. Such a nice way to start the day. 😊🙏


    1. Well if you loved this you are going to love the next study, Read Along with Us: A Fall Bible Blog. Two weeks off and then we will be up and running with that one. It is going to be great and the best part is that it is going to lead us right to November…all fall in Florida. Not quite like fall up north, but still good.


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