The Day Summer Study Ends!!!

What exactly does one do after posting to a blog every day for 50 days and for you, the reader, to do after reading a blog for 50 days? Has it really been 50 days? Yes it has. Well, what we are to be doing to taking a break. Finding a restful routine until September 1, which is like only 12 days away. Might I suggest the following.

  • If you are afraid that you will get out of the Bible reading habit, go back and reread some of your favorite Psalms during these 12 days. Maybe you even missed some of the study days. You can catch up on those. However, that is not really finding a restful routine.
  • Maybe you can take a walk when you would usually be reading the Bible and blog.
  • Another great idea would be to just think of 12 restful activities that you would like to do. Like this…
    • Day 1 – Take a Nap
    • Day 2 – Bake Cookies
    • Day 3 – Give Cookies Away
    • Day 4 – Take Another Nap
    • Day 5…I know you guys are way more creative then me…
  • Finally, you might just want to journal during these 12 days. Take the time you would usually Bible and blog and just write in your journal. Let it be a free form time. Whatever comes to mind write about it.

As for me, I am super excited about this time. I managed to time the end of the Summer Study with a brand new arrival in our home. First the back story…many of you know I am a runner, but in recent years I have been struggling to get back to where I used to be with my running. After my second half marathon my body said…”Hey lady! This is too much!” So I took a break and since then I have not been able to get “it” back. Every time I start back to running I end up having to stop because of an injury or pain. It usually kicks in about the 3rd month. So, about two weeks ago, I couldn’t stand it anymore, my hip was hurting so much from running, I had to stop. However, I didn’t want to stop exercising. And one of the things I love about running is that I really have to work at it. It is a challenge, it is hard, I sweat when I do it and I feel rather accomplished when I am done. This means I was upset to admit to myself that I needed to stop, but knew that I needed something to replace it, for my health, both physical and mental health. I leave a lot of stuff out there on the road that would otherwise stay up in my head.

So, Toby and I made the very big decision to buy a Peloton bike. And it just came yesterday! Can you all hear me squealing with joy! I am excited to transition from a running to a rider and ready to have no more hip pain. So, friends, that means I will be spending by 12 days learning how to ride my Peloton and enjoying some good mental health rides.

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