Following Closely

This is one of my favorite passages in scripture and now that I have seen the Sea of Galilee, even more. This is the time that Jesus takes the time to re-direct the disciples, especially Peter, after Jesus’ resurrection. However, our main topic is John, which is interesting, since John’s name is not really mentioned in this scripture. We know that Jesus and Peter have a conversation about John, but John is a background person. I wonder why? Scholars believe that John was a “younger” disciple and Jesus was used to John tagging along whenever he pulled a disciple aside. When Jesus takes the time to have this intimate conversation with Peter, John follows them. I can only imagine that John loved both Jesus and Peter so much, he did not want to miss anything. When Peter turns around, sees John and asks, “what about him?” Jesus answers Peter by basically saying, don’t worry about him. There are many lessons to learn from that, what I want to focus is on John following Jesus. I imagine that John was still in shock of having seen his mater crucified, he ran to the tomb and found it empty, and then he recognizes Jesus walking on water. He loves and admires Jesus. He recognizes there is something about this man. He recognizes God’s pure love pour out to everyone through Jesus and John cannot get enough. Friends, are you following Jesus closely? Or are you just bored with Jesus? Does he have anything exciting to say for you to follow and listen closely? Are you inclined to eavesdrop on Jesus conversation with others? Many questions, which help us reflect whether our heart is still falling in love, and falling in wonder with Jesus, the same one yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Read: John 21 (Special emphasis on v 20-24)

Watch Video:

Questions to Consider:

  1. What is interesting to you about this passage? What stands out?
  2. What is it about Jesus that fills your heart with wonder and excitement?

Prayer:  Loving God, we thank you for the wonderful stories of your love and restoration toward your disciples. Thank you for John teaching us to always follow you, since you might have something important to say to us any minute. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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