Speak Up

Well we have all finally met Nicodemus, the Pharisee.  He is such an interesting person.  Someone who is clearly being convicted of something new, but still trying to exist in his present state.  In our text that you read today you are going to clearly see this.  In the passage Jesus has gone up to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Booths and he is causing quite a scene in the city.  He is doing much public teaching and drawing a lot of attention to himself, so much attention, that the temple guards have been sent to arrest him.  However, when the guards arrive to arrest Jesus they are in awe.  They cannot believe the things that they are hearing him say and they eventually come back to the temple without Jesus.  The Pharisees are upset with the guards, but guess who comes to the aide of both the guards and Jesus, that’s right, Nicodemus.  He points out that they should not judge and convict Jesus before he has had a trial.  And since they did not go out to see Jesus, but sent the guards instead they have no idea what Jesus is all about.  This of course make the other Pharisees angry and they are quite sarcastic back to Nicodemus.  Go ahead and read the passage and join me in the video so we can chat about how brave Nicodemus was to stand up to his peers.    

Read: John 7:37-52

Questions to Consider:

  1. Have you ever had to speak up at an uncomfortable moment? 
  2. Why is it important for us to speak up in these uncomfortable moments? 

Prayer: God, give us the courage to speak up when we see a need. Help me see those who need a voice. Amen.


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