Here is a warning! Today’s reading is a little long, so I will not say much. Honestly, though, I don’t remember reading about Huldah before. I remember the story of Josiah, the 8-year-old boy who became King and wanted to serve God. However, hidden toward the end of this chapter is a woman: a prophet. When the books of the Torah are found, King Josiah wants someone consulted on how to go about being faithful to God. The temple workers know to consult with Huldah, the prophet. What is unusual is that she gives two answers: one of what will happen if they do not obey God and the other message directed to King Josiah sharing with him what good will come for Israel if they head God’s Word. Not much is heard about Huldah after that. She is not a main character in the story, she is not ever mentioned again, but she shared what God had placed in her heart at the time that was needed. This should encourage all of us that often we do not have major roles to play, but God lead us to share a small word of truth, encouragement, or compassion at the right time and the result can be transformational for someone else. So, friends, go out today and be ready to listen; there might be a Huldah out there speaking words of wisdom that you need to heed. God bless!

Read: 2 Chronicles 34

Watch Video:

Questions to Consider:

  1. Have you given permission to someone in your life to speak truth openly and honestly?
  2. What is something that sticks out to you from today’s reading?

Prayer: Lord, Thank you for the many Huldah’s you have placed in our lives. Some we might not remember, but have spoken to us or led us into truth. Help us today to be good listeners to words of truth and wisdom you might have for us. Amen!


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