Good Fruit

We end this hop and skip through the Bible and some of the prophets with a passage on how we know someone is a prophet.  I love this passage because it is really how we know the character of any person.  Last year at our cabin we were afraid that we had a bad pear tree because it didn’t produce any fruit, but it was really just having a dry year.  This year the tree produced an abundance of fruit and when we ate the fruit, it was so good.  We now know we have a good pear tree on our property.  In the video I am going to tell a story about a fruit tree that I knew of as a girl.  Read the passage and then I will see you in the video.    

Read: Matthew 7:15-23

Questions to Consider

  1. What sort of “fruit” should we be producing in our lives? 
  2. What are the things that you can do to “fertilize” yourself to ensure that you continue to produce “good fruit”?

Prayer: God, help us to discern the fruit that others produce in their lives.  Help us to be wise and to know how to help those who are producing fruit that is not healthy.  Help us to continue to produce good fruit.  Amen. 


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