Rise Up

As good United Methodists we are always striving towards perfection.  However, that does not mean that we beat ourselves up trying to reach perfection.  Being like Jesus is a lofty, lifetime goal, something we are daily reaching for, and daily falling short of reaching.  However, it is still something that each day we wake up and again re-aim at. 

To “sin” is to miss the mark.  Each day we have the opportunity to die to missing the mark and rise up as new creations, capable of aiming at the mark.  You know, the mark: making disciples, loving our neighbors, loving God, doing all those things that Jesus did, you know, the mark, living our lives like Jesus lived.  Some days we do really great at hitting the mark, some days we do okay, some days we do an awful job.  Each evening we lay down in our bed, go to sleep and then the next day we rise up new, the old day is gone and a brand new chance to hit the mark has begun.  We get a chance to do it all over again, a chance to hit the mark all over again, a chance to not sin. 

Read: Romans 6

Questions to Consider:

  1. What other ways could you “remember your baptism”? 
  2. How could you change your morning routine to help you remember that you are working to “hit the mark” each day?
  3. How could you change your evening routine to help you sift through the day and see where you may have “missed the mark”?

Prayer: Lord, help me to always keep King Jesus in my sights and as the one that I am always trying to model my life after.  May I always try to walk, talk and act as he would.  In your name, Amen. 


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