Fishing for People

I remember well when I first started to attend New Covenant UMC.  I had come to the church with the idea that my family needed to be in church but that I was not going to get involved.  I was far away from God and angry at God.  After a few weeks at NCUMC Pastor Dan asked me if I wanted to volunteer with the Children’s Ministry.  I said, “no thank you”.  He said, “okay”.  After another month he asked again, and I again said no.  This pattern followed for a few months until Pastor Dan and the Holy Spirit finally convinced me to say yes, and I am glad that I did say yes.  Saying, yes to serving in the church was my first step into being an active part of the laity of the church.  As United Methodists we are called to be active in the church, we are called to be both receivers and givers. 

Read: Matthew 28:16-20

Questions to Consider:

  1. Is there something you are saying “no thank you” to that God might be calling you into? 
  2. Do you have story of a time when you were greatly fed by being a giver in the church? 

Prayer: God, remind us to be both receivers and givers.  Help us to use the image you put insides us to go boldly into all situations with the assurance that you walk with us and that you will guide us in all we do.  Amen. 


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