Three Stories of Grace

There are certain passages in the Bible that I believe God inserted to purely keep Jim Divine humble. Luke 15:11-32 is one of these!

At a surface level it is the simple story of the prodigal. Like many of us, it is the story of someone treading down a personal path of destruction, only to realize their lost state and return to find redemption and acceptance. 

Then we read it again, and like the peeling off of a layer of an onion, a new and more aromatic scent emerges. New depth and fresh understanding. Sometimes a sweetly robust scent and at other times  strongly pungent, even to the point of tears.

To start this study of the Prodigal I first invite you to listen to one of the first songs (and singers) that I got into as a young Christian over 30 years ago. 

 The Prodigal Son Suite, by Keith Green 

Now I invite you to read our passage for today and then watch the video.

Read: Luke 15:11-32

Questions to Consider:

  1. Take time to rewrite this story using your own words in today’s setting. Who would you identify with, The Prodigal or the Son who stayed home?
  2. How has the Father’s grace been offered to you?
  3. Have you accepted that Grace and are you eating at the celebratory dinner? If not, confess your need for God’s grace and ask today to receive this amazing gift of love and acceptance and then let me know about it, I want to celebrate with you!!!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, may we all today know your amazing grace and walk in your undeserved love. And, may we celebrate with you at your grand banquet of salvation.  Amen. 


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