Sharing Our Stories: December 12

Writer’s Name:  Glenda Wolfe

Writers Ministry:  Leadership Development Team 

Assigned Text:  Psalms 89:1-8

Word of the Week: Hope

Growing up in a small town in Western Kentucky, more than a half century ago, your place on Sunday morning was in church.  My mother ensured we were in church because she took us.  That was no easy feat because there were 11 of us kids.  

My mother made sure we got there because, often, my dad was not around.  We walked, sometimes relatives would help out, and sometimes people from the church would help get us there.  We were very poor and had few of what most folks would consider even basic necessities, like a car.

Mama always said, she didn’t want us to grow up to be heathens, and just because we were poor didn’t mean God wasn’t for us.  She always said, if we put our hope in the Lord, he would provide all we would need.  Of course, that is a statement from a true believer, and she was, wholeheartedly a true believer.

I owe my mother for so many things I can never repay.  Growing up, God did not give my family material things, but he gave us one of the greatest things; a God-loving, God-fearing mother, who taught us about hope, love, and how to be a Christian.  I’m a Christian because my mother did not want me to grow up to be a “heathen” and proved by example how Christ can change lives and circumstances.

During this advent season I’m reminded that Jesus too had a loving mother; one chosen by God himself to be his protector on earth.  By doing so, she too was a mother who gave hope to the world.

Daily Prayer:  Lord God, as we think of what this season means to us as Christians, let us never forget your mercies to us.  We ask you hear our praises of thankfulness for all you have provided.  Amen.

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

  1. What does hope mean to you?
  2. How can you cultivate moments of hope in your life?
  3. In what ways can you help and support others to have hope?

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