The Wedding at Cana

Do you recall the first wedding you ever attended? I sort of do. I’m sure I attended several as a young child since my parents were the pastors for a local vibrant church. But there is one, that sticks out in my mind. I must have been about 5 or 6 and everything seemed amazingly beautiful. The bride looked gorgeous in her white dress, the church was decorated simply yet gracefully, and the people all seemed to have smiles. What I remember the most is the couple at the altar making commitments to one another, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health… and for me that was just sooooo romantic. Even though I was just a young girl, I’m sure I was dreaming about the day I would find my one person (I don’t think I ever imagined he would be a tall gringo from Kansas!). . 

While I don’t remember what was served, I’m sure the food was abundant. But do I recall what the food or the drink was? No!! Was there enough for everyone? I don’t remember. I’m sure if they had run out of food or drink, I would have remembered that! It was at this simple local wedding that Jesus performed his first miracle, for this couple of nobodies Jesus made sure the wedding wouldn’t be remembered for the wrong reasons. 

So what is the point of this episode in Jesus’ life? Why did John feel it was important to share this particular miracle? Jesus already had followers, but maybe they were not sure why they were following this rabbi. John 2:11 states, “And his disciples believed in him.” John simply wanted us to know when he began to get a glimpse that this rabbi was different, this rabbi was the real thing!! “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” (John 1:5)

Read: John 2:1-25

Watch Video (Focus: John 2:1-11)

Questions to Consider:

  1. Have you had an encounter recently that has revealed to you that God is indeed with you?
  2. Have you shared with someone else about that encounter?

So What Activity: Find a couple that is about to get married (child, niece or nephew, friend, neighbor’s child, etc.) Send them a card with $20 or whatever you are able and write: “In case you run out of wine…. John 2:1-12.”


One response to “The Wedding at Cana”

  1. Sandra Lando-Madsen Avatar
    Sandra Lando-Madsen

    Weddings: The Lord worked, using the Covid, in my great neice’s life. The wedding was to be 12/9/20 but had to be postponed until 5/30/21. However, there had been problems that she had thought could be worked out in 2020 but by 2021, she knew that this was not the man she should marry and broke the engagement. The Lord will bring the right man into her life one day.


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