Monday, March 1, 2021 – Loaves and Fishes

We are getting very close to the Sunday last year when we started to live this weird life that we are living now.  Do you all remember last year when we all went out to the grocery store and for some reason bought all that toilet paper?  That was weird.  For some reason we were afraid that there wouldn’t be enough toilet paper for everyone.  Then we bought up all the flour, sugar and yeast in the store because everyone started to bake bread and other baked goods.  We did that because we were board.  Then a lot of people started buy home gym products online because we all gained a little weight and couldn’t go out to the gym.  What a strange year we have lived through. 

Well, what I really want to focus on in all of that is the toilet paper and that we though we wouldn’t have enough.  That was wrong. We worship a God of abundance.  A God who has created a world that has enough for all of his children.  This last year has contained many lessons but one of them has been about how well we shine God’s light or well we do not shine God’s light. 

Read: John 6:1-21

Questions to Consider:

  1. Has there been times in your life that you have felt like there has not been enough of something and you needed to keep that resource hidden away for yourself?  Why did you feel that way? 
  2. What would it look like to live our lives out of abundance instead of out of scarcity? 
  3. What resource do you have that could be used for the glory of God? 

So What Activity:   Bake some bread or another baked good and give it away to someone.  Include a note of love and encouragement to that person. 


Loaf of bread I made last year during quarantine.

2 responses to “Monday, March 1, 2021 – Loaves and Fishes”

  1. Today as I read the scripture, I was drawn to the last few verses regarding Jesus walking on water to rejoin His disciples in the boat. (I know this was not the message discussed in the video. It was the message I needed to hear.)
    In a few weeks I am going to have bypass surgery / open heart . I am a little scared. The part I liked about today’s reading John1: 16-21 Jesus walks on water to catch up w/ his disciples. They were afraid when they saw Him. He said, “ Do not be afraid, I am here!” I think Jesus will be in the boat with me.


  2. barbara licata Avatar
    barbara licata

    Dear Kristyne, I am so enjoying your precious dog LD joining in our Lenten study. Dogs are God’s special gifts to us.


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