Saturday, March 6, 2021 – Light of the World

In our lesson today Jesus was making strong claims about himself, “I am the light of the world.” In Jewish culture that was unacceptable. The law was clear, two witnesses were needed to believe what someone stated. Simple and clear, two witnesses. Therefore, if I don’t see two witnesses, I don’t need to bother examining the statement because the basic requirement has not been met. I have known people, and to be truthful, I myself have taken this stand, if something doesn’t meet the qualifications, I will not consider it. Such requirements are often placed for our own protection, but do we have to stick to absolutes? Do we neverconsider a new idea unless it meets certain prerequisites? 

Jesus was challenging the people of his time and he continues to challenge us today. He pointed out to his audience that He and His Father fulfilled the two witnesses required. Those still caught in the practicality of things, asked to see the father. Their eyes and minds were closed. They were not able to see the light of the world before them. How about us? How do we experience Jesus as light of the world? Have we set up our own set of qualifications for us to believe? What requirements do we need to let go off that are keeping us from experiencing the light when we feel surrounded by darkness? I love that in spite of the fact of the unbelief, verse 30 says, “Then many who heard him say these things believed in him.”  My friends, let us become people of faith. Let us go out on a limb. Let’s believe Jesus, the light of the world.

Read: John 8:1-30

Questions to Consider:

  1. What has stopped me in allowing myself to be soaked in the light of Christ?
  2. How can we as a church at Lake Deaton UMC experience the light of Christ in our congregation? Be specific.

So What Activity:   Today, share how Christ has brought light into your life with at least ONE person.


2 responses to “Saturday, March 6, 2021 – Light of the World”

  1. Hi Loida, today’s ‘gardening’ devotional really inspired me and at one point in it when you were talking I experienced a rush inside me which, at times when I feel that particular way, I believe is
    the Holy Spirit. Beautifully, within seconds AFTER I felt that rush you began talking about the Holy Spirit. Thank you for bringing it into my being to light up this Saturday morning.
    Susan Yinger


    1. Susan, Praise God! that’s how we can see the light of Christ spreading… God is at work. May you have a blessed weekend. Loida


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