Tuesday, March 9, 2021 – Cure for Blindness

Of all the miraculous healings of Jesus, in the book of John, this is one of my favorites. There is  so much going on in this passage. First, We see the man who has been blind since birth healed by Jesus spiting in the dirt and making mud (I love the visuals that we find in the book of John that we don’t find in the other gospels). Second, we have this man, whom we would assume is uneducated, as he has been blind since birth, teaching the Pharisees about how to interpret if something is from God or not. Third, we have the Pharisees who have come to a place of such legalism that they can no longer see God at work right in front of them. Finally, we find Jesus giving a deeper meaning to the whole episode by using the metaphor of blindness to reveal that those who have all the truth before them are spiritually blind, while the one who has struggled his whole life with a debilitating condition (blindness) is in actuality, the one who has true sight.

As you read the story today try to see with whom you most identify. Are you a church person who has been in the institutional church so long that you have become hard to the true nature of God’s work in the world today? Are you the blind beggar, who has been struggling for sight and looking for a way to be set free? Maybe you identify with the blind man after he has been given sight, you are experiencing new growth with God that is refreshing and full of life? 

Read: John 9:1-41

Questions to Consider:

  1. Why do you think the Pharisees could not understand who Jesus was?
  2. Where might you be the one missing seeing Jesus at work today?

So What Activity: Begin your day by praying the prayer of Jabez and then strive to walk through the day with spiritual eyes that can see God at work around you and where you might join in with God. 


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