Thursday, March 11, 2021 – Trust

As we stated at the beginning, John does not waste time in his gospel, bringing things quickly to a climax. In today’s reading, the crowds seemed to have had it with Jesus. Jesus continues to make claims about who he is, and the crowds are offended. Offended to the point that they want to stone him (a practice left for criminals and heretics). They even tried to arrest him, but he escaped their attempts as it was not yet his time. As the end draws near, in the next few days we will hear how Jesus prepares his disciples. Even in this chapter we see there are a few, that in spite of the opposition, have come to believe and trust in Jesus. Jesus’ words of assurance are powerful, “My Father and I are one,” and “My Father is more powerful than anyone else.” That’s the one in whom we have placed our trust, the one who is more powerful than all else. So even, when there is opposition, our confidence and faith reside in the one who is more powerful! Amen!

Read: John 10:22-42

Questions to Consider:

  1. Have you faced any opposition lately? What have you done about it?
  2. How does the words, “My Father is more powerful than anyone else,” might bring strength in difficult times?

So What Activity:   If you know of someone facing hardship and opposition, call them today and encourage them. Remind them that Jesus, the one more powerful than anyone else is with them today.


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