Wednesday, March 24, 2021 – Work of the Holy Spirit

There are two big things happening in this passage. Jesus is telling the disciples that they will experience persecution (and that the persecution will come from people who think they are doing the will of God). Also, Jesus is announcing the coming of the Holy Spirit. For a long time when I would read through this whole section of John, from chapter 14 through 17, with its long discourse and prayer between Jesus and the disciples, I would look at it as a long list of various last things Jesus wanted to say to the disciples. Kind of like a long list of, “oh and let me tell you this other thing,” and “Oh and there’s the other thing I want to tell you as well,” etc. etc.

I have come to realize that Jesus is very purposefully leading the disciples through a process of preparation leading up to this announcement of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is preparing this small band of soon-to-be discouraged followers to become a movement that is going to change the world and he wants them to be well informed to the hardships of this new movement, but also to the power that they will have soon through the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

As you read through the passage today, ask yourself if you are ready to give it all for the advancing of the Kingdom of Christ.

Read: John 16:1-15

Questions to Consider:

  1. Why has Jesus been sharing with the disciples all the things he has been sharing? (Vs. 1-4)
  2. What does Jesus promise to give his followers? (Vs. 7-15)
  3. What does Jesus describe is the work of the Holy Spirit?

So What Activity:  Spend some time today examining your own relationship with the Holy Spirit. Journal your thoughts and spend time in prayer, either praising God for the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life or possibly asking God to reveal Himself through the Holy Spirit more in your life.


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