April 14 – Introduction to Passionate Worship with Bill Jackson

Hello I am Bill Jackson, (an at large member of the revision team) today I would like to discuss passionate worship. What is passionate worship? Well we know that worship is seeking a relationship with God.  While there is private or personal worship I am speaking of more corporate worship, that is when people gather together. 

To me, passionate worship is, to use a slang term, worship on steroids or juiced up.  It is like the difference between going to a ball game in any stadium or going to a game in your home stadium.  Yes you can see good plays and appreciate the players but it does not compare to the feeling when you are one of thousands all cheering for the same outcome and the same players. It is like the difference between listening to a song on the radio and going to a concert. At the concert you get to singing the song with hundreds of others, all who are also singing and dancing. When you look around you see everyone smiling at each other because they are unified in their feelings and desire not only to enjoy it themselves but to enjoy other people enjoying the experience.

That’s what passionate worship is, the feeling you get when you are with your Christian family, knowing that not only are you praying for yourself but you are praying with everyone and they praying with and for you. It is a joy that fills your soul and makes you want to share it not only with your Christian family but with everyone.

So what is God asked of us in this exercise regarding passionate worship?  Well, we at Lake Deaton, like all other congregations are unique.  We are asked to pray about what make us passionate about our worship service, to do the exercises and to open our hearts for the Holy Spirit to give us inspiration on how we can further enrich our service and how we can share our passionate worship with others, here or outside the Church walls and lastly share those thoughts with each other.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for having us as members of the Lake Deaton family.  As we proceed on our quest to better serve and honor you, open our hearts that we may accept the Holy Spirit as our guide.

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