Witness: Monday, December 20, 2021

Monday, December 20, 2021

Witness: Connie Manchester

Scripture: Philippians 2:4

Weekly Theme: Love

Years ago, while preparing to make a military move with my husband, our first one with a baby, I ran an errand in a town outside the base where we lived in Georgia.  As I brought our two-month-old out of the car, a woman called and waved to me from a window above the street.  She had a baby too and had just moved to the area!  After a quick exchange of baby facts, I explained that we were getting transferred, the area was nice, and I hoped she liked it.

While I ran my errand, she stayed on my mind.  She was so excited to see another young mother and was reaching out to find a friend.  But I can’t be the new local friend she needs.  We are days away from moving.  Still, I felt compelled to go back and make a connection.  Perhaps I could share some information about the area.  

So after my errand, I went into the building, guessed which apartment door hers was, and knocked on it.  She was a military wife and a first-time mother alone in a new place, waiting for her husband’s transfer.   He was stationed in Virginia, not far from where we were headed.  So in a few days, we loaded a moving truck, added a car seat, and shared a ride in our hatchback and an unrestful hotel night with two traveling babies so that this military family could reunite.

Sometimes, when things seem to fall into place like that, I wonder if it is by design or coincidence.  Did that answer the prayer of a lonely new mother?  Was it my idea, or was I led to it?  At that time, before her greeting, I was absorbed with a baby and a move, so I am sure that I was not looking to help anyone.  

Other times I’ll set out to do a good deed thinking it is my idea, but with some uncertainty about it, then things will go so well that I will wonder again.   How do I know when I’m being led to it by God?  

Am I so absorbed in making lists and going about my busy life that I don’t hear well?  Maybe I’ll be able to tune in better if I learn to declutter my mind and space more often, to quiet down.   But meanwhile, I will continue to pay attention when I feel compelled to reach out, take a chance and make a connection, try to do something, and see what happens.  

Discussion/Reflection Questions:  

  1. Have you ever set about with uncertainty to help someone and came away surprised at how well it went? 
  2. How do you know if you are being led to something by God? 
  3. What helps you to quiet down and tune in better?

One response to “Witness: Monday, December 20, 2021”

  1. Connie, glad that you shared this moment when you felt led. But more joyful that you were able willing to respond to that other young mother who needed a miracle! Blessings, Pat


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