Lenten Study – Monday, March 14

Before Toby and I were married, we were apart from each other for about a year because he was in the army.  During that time, especially when he was in basic training, we wrote many letters.  After we were married, his box of letters from me and my box of letters to him were reunited.  I put all of the letters together in one box and packed it away in our closet.  Together, all those letters in date order tell a complete story of that time in our lives.  With Paul and the people of Corinth, we only have one side of the letters, Paul’s letters to the church.  However, we know they wrote letters to him; it even says it in today’s scripture.  1 Corinthians is full of much advice to the community on how they are to do certain things, and it is most likely because they have asked Paul to guide them.  Take some time to read a little about what Paul says about dating and marriage in the early church.  

1 Corinthians 7

Reflection Questions:

  1. When you read today’s passage what does the Holy Spirit say to you?  
  2. How do you keep God’s commandments in your day-to-day life?  

So What Activity: Write a letter to God.  Put it in an envelope and date it to open next year during Lent 2023.  Put it in your Bible.  


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