Lenten Study – April 5

This past couple of years we have practiced extreme “hand” hygiene. We wash our hands constantly and thoroughly. We sing a song to make sure we wash our hands long enough and we use hand sanitizer often. We even grab paper towels to open doors from public restrooms after we have washed our hands. I remember when we were little, and my mom made us wash our hands often. As kids we sometimes would pretend to wash our hands (mainly rinsed them with water) as we rushed to get whatever treat was waiting for us. Sadly, the reason we have become germophobic has to do with the pandemic. We have even been reminded to minimize touching our faces, specifically our eyes as we might carry germs into our bodies. Today’s scripture interestingly begins with Jesus defending his disciples as they had broken yet another rule. They had not performed the “hand-washing ceremony.” Jesus does not seem concerned with what goes into our bodies and might contaminate us, but what comes out of our hearts-what comes from within, which has dire implications for our relationship with God and with others. The next episode in Jesus’ ministry is an interesting one. A brave foreign woman intercedes for her daughter. So today, watch the video and read with expectation on what might surprise you about Jesus and his ministry. God bless!

Mark 7

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do you make of Jesus’ explanation of why his disciples are not performing the traditional hand-washing ceremony? We have certain traditions such as saying the Lord’s prayer every Sunday, yet if we only repeat the words, we are just paying lip service. What could we do to make this tradition a true weekly surrender to God?
  2. Have you ever done a brave thing such as the gentile woman did? Make a request from someone? What was the outcome? Would you do it again? 

So What Activity: 

Today, pray the Lord’s prayer and think carefully on each phrase and what it might mean for you personally.


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