Lenten Study – April 7

One of my favorite vacations I took as a child was a 10-hour trip up in the mountains of Honduras to see the birth of a river. All of us five siblings and my parents piled up into a van for this long trip. It was a hassle. Someone had to go the bathroom, someone hit me, someone fell asleep on my shoulder. It was torture. But when we got there… all of us were amazed at the beauty of the place. There was water, tons of water, falling from a tall rock formation into a somewhat shallow pool which then extended into windy turn downward. The water was crystal clear, though a little cold, and we could swim in the shallow end. We had such a great time. All of us kids wanted to build a tent and live there for the rest of our lives. Of course, we had to come back to school, how boring! In today’s scripture reading Peter, James, and John, experience Jesus as the Son of God. It is commonly called, “The Transfiguration.” They went up into a mountain and saw Jesus glorified. Peter had no words, so he blurted out what came to his mind, “let us build a tent,” but before he could finish, another voice from heaven said, “This is my son, listen to him.” In other words, “be quiet Peter! Just observe.” I can understand Peter wanting to stay longer. There is something that pulls us simple humans to the grandeur of God and his creation. Today, as you continue reading Mark 9, you will also observe Jesus as God, yet Jesus humbly continues to teach his disciples about the Kingdom of God.

Mark 9

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you recall being in a place or with people that you were in awe of God? What was your reaction? What did you do?
  2. What amazes you about God? Can you write it down in a sentence or two?

So What Activity: Today is Thursday. Look up the different names given to God in the Bible and make a list of those names.


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