Lenten Study – April 8

Today, my video is a little longer than usual. So, I will keep my words short. It has been great to be with you this week walking through the gospel of Mark. As disciples we walk with Jesus, we learn from him, and we watch in awe his love and compassion. Today, though, he once again reminds his disciples, “Listen, he said, we’re going up to Jerusalem…” (v.33) Now, they had gone to Jerusalem before, but this time Jesus is certain that the time has come to lay down his life. All of us may have concerns that might discourage us in our lives. I think the disciples found comfort that Jesus was going with them. In the same manner, whatever situation you might be facing, personal or within your family, loss of a friend or family member, or whatever situation; Jesus still walks with us. Read Chapter 10 today and observe the way Jesus encourages his disciples to continue in the journey.

Mark 10

Reflection Questions:

  1. What has been difficult in your journey this year? 
  2. What holds the highest priority in your heart? Are you willing to surrender that priority to Jesus?

So What Activity: 

Today, make a list of your “treasures” and then in an act of faith, write at the bottom of the list: “I give Jesus total ownership and authority over my treasures.” Now, go and walk in peace.


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