Lenten Study – April 11

I grew up in a church that celebrated Palm Sunday and then jumped to Easter Sunday. We would sing songs of Jesus’ triumphal entry, wave palms, talk about the Messiah entering Jerusalem and then seem to take a time warp and jump immediately to the Resurrection. When I finally became part of a community that went through the whole week everything changed. For the first time I walked with Christ through the last supper with His friends, witnessed his pain and doubt in the Garden of Gethsemane and then watched as Judas betrayed Him. I experienced the sorrow of the trial and crucifixion and even found myself weeping over the loss of our Lord. When we finally came to Easter Sunday the celebration took on a new and more powerful meaning.

Today we begin the walk… we start the journey of the Perfect Sacrificial Lamb coming to be crucified for our salvation. I encourage you to not miss the week. Take time to read the daily devotional, come and witness the Living Last Supper and then go through the darkness of Good Friday. When you finally come to our Easter Celebration next weekend it will truly be a time of praise and joy as we celebrate the Risen Savior.

Mark 11

Reflection Questions:

  1. Think about why the people welcomed Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem and within a few days were screaming, “Crucify Him!” What would cause the people to change so quickly?
  2. Now, imagine Jesus coming into our town and our church. Think about your own life. How would you react to Jesus? Would you be like the people of Israel? Would you welcome this man who would challenge your ideas and assumptions or would you yell, “Crucify him?”

So What Activity:

If you haven’t done so, take time to set your calendar to attend the services this Wednesday at 6:00 pm and Friday at 12:00 noon. Then think about some neighbors or friends that you can invite to church this coming weekend and make a plan on how you will invite them.


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