Summer of Love – July 14

Read the passage for today: 1 Corinthians 13:11-12

How are you at being humble?  How about being humble when it comes to what you know or do not know.  I think today’s passage reminds us to be humble.  It reminds us that for all the learning and knowledge we have, even with the ability to Google anything and become an “expert,” we still do not know much.  We only have a dim picture of what everything is all about. 

I think, just like choosing love each day, we also have to choose to be humble.  To remember who is really the Lord of our lives.  It is not us; it is not Google, it is not our money or possessions, it is not what we think we know.  None of those things should be the Lord of our lives; Jesus should be.  And for Jesus to be the Lord of our lives means we must daily choose to love, follow, and get to know him. 

Watch the video below about a story someone told me once that helped me understand that I have a limited perspective on things. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. How are you doing at choosing to love each day?
  2. What are some things that you “see dimly”?
  3. How can you get to know Jesus better? 


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  1. I love this visual of the door between the heartbroken “end of world teen” and the parent who understands and has a much wider perspective of life and future.

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