Summer of Love – July 21 ❤️

Read today’s passage:  Matthew 7:15-20

Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying “The Summer of Love”!  This week we have been talking about clothing ourselves in love, making it part of how we act. We have also talked about producing Fruit of the Spirit. The Fruit of the Spirit is how we clothe ourselves. 

Today our scripture was all about looking at other people and seeing what kind of fruit they are producing.  It is easy when you read just this section of scripture to think we are being encouraged to stay away from people producing “bad” fruit.  But that is not the case.  If you read all of Matthew 7, you will see that judgment of others is not what Jesus was getting at.  Looking at other people and the fruit they produce is just meant to help us know more about the person, not to judge them, but to know how we are to love them.  People who are producing poor fruit need an incredible amount of love.  If we are producing “good” fruit, then we should be more ready to get out there and love those who are hurting. 

So What Activity:  How do you shine the light of God toward others?  Today participate in a random act of kindness.  You never know what type of day someone is having and how their fruit production is going.  Doing a random act of kindness for someone might be the seed they need to grow!


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