Summer Study – July 22

Read today’s passage:  2 Peter 1:5-7

Watch the video before reading below. 

After I recorded my video, I had a few more thoughts on the pear tree.  Have you ever gone 1000% at something?  Have you ever put all your energy into one thing?  And while doing that, have you ever done excellent at that thing you are putting all that effort into?  I know I have done this.  However, have you ever done this and then experienced something called burnout?  Or have you ever been convinced you have to be perfect, and then when you mess up, quit?  I have been there too.  I think this is what happened with my pear tree.  It went 1000% to produce fruit and had nothing left to give the following year.  It burned itself out. 

Now I am not saying that we limit the amount that we love people, but I am saying that we have to be careful and make sure we love ourselves too.  This means being easy on ourselves when we mess up.  It means making sure we are taking a sabbath rest from the world.  It means ensuring we are committed to this love thing for life and that we will need all the endurance we can find. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  I miss you all. 


2 responses to “Summer Study – July 22”

  1. Loraine Rainer Avatar
    Loraine Rainer

    Oh, how, I needed this message. Much of my life, I have felt inadequate. So need to be reminded that God loves me. I am ok even when I mess up!


    1. To be human is to mess up. Each day is a new day!


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