Summer of Love – July 26

Read today’s passage:  Luke 15:11-32

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Tuesday!  Today’s story is one many of us know well.  I am wondering whom you relate to in this story.  Maybe you have been the lost son, straying away from God.  I know I have been that person.  I spent much of my life in my 20s and early 30s, far away from God. 

If I am honest, I have also been the other son at times in my life, feeling like I am better than other people.  Feeling like I am a “good” person and other people are “bad”.  I have said and thought close-minded things. 

In each of those times in my life, though, God has been with me, walking with me (even if I was ignoring God the best I could), teaching me, and above all things loving me.  We are so blessed that God loves us through all the junk in our lives. 

However, the big thing we need to take away from all of this is that if God loves us this much, we should turn and share that love with others.  If God loves me when I mess up, I should do the same and love others, even when they are messing up.  We should try and be like that father in the story.  Accepting and loving everyone, those who are far away from God and what we would consider to be “good”.  And we are also to love those who are selfish and self-righteous.  Both groups of people need our love. 

So What Activity:  Watch this extra video about the Gospel of Luke.  Then spend some time thinking about what this scripture has to do with you.  In education, we call that “making a text to self connection”. 

Bible Project Video: 


One response to “Summer of Love – July 26”

  1. Loraine Rainer Avatar
    Loraine Rainer

    Love the Bible Project Videos. It makes complicated messages simple and clear.
    Thanks for sharing!❣️😁


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