Summer of Love – July 28

Read today’s passage:  John 15:9-17

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This is my command: Love each other.

Everyone relates to scripture differently.  What the Holy Spirit sparks in my heart might be completely different than in your heart.  I have teaching on the brain, so I went right to the example of the teachers who died protecting their students.  However, there are many other examples of the great love that compels someone to lay down their lives or someone.  Sometimes these stories are of physical death, but other times a “laying down of a life” doesn’t mean physical death.  Who has a parent who “gave up their life” for the good of the family, as in the worked hard, worked two jobs, gave up the opportunities to do someone for themselves so that they could do more for the family?  That is great love as well.  I used to think I sure do love my children because I always give up my McDonald’s fries for them.  These are examples of self-sacrifice and how we do this for those we love.  The trick is to expand this great love to those who are not our immediate friends and family. 

So What Activity:  Have you ever had someone who literally or figuratively lay down their life for you?  What did that look like in your life?  What does this teach you about God’s great love for us? 


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