Summer of Love – August 1

Read today’s passage: 1 John 4:18

I know about fear.  I used to be a master of being afraid of everything.  I was afraid of the dark.  I was afraid of other people.  I was afraid that aliens would abduct me.  I was so fearful of everything that I even passed my fear onto my first child.  She developed all sorts of fears from watching me being afraid of everything.  We were both trapped by our fear. 

In my late 20’s, I left the church because I was mad at God.  When I finally returned to God, I went all in with God.  As I fell more in love with God, I started to understand God’s love for me and that I didn’t need to be afraid.  There we no monsters in the dark.  Other people were people whom I should shine God’s light and love towards, so I couldn’t be afraid of them.  And if there are aliens, they too were created by God, and I need not fear them.  Plus, the chances of getting abducted by aliens are super low. 

Watch Video

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you struggle with fear?  What is behind your fear?
  2. How do you remain safe in this world but not ruled by fear?
  3. How can you grow in God’s love?


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