August 17, 2022 – Summer of Love

2 Timothy 1:9

From the time our kids were young we began to make plans to help each of them grow into full adulthood. We didn’t do it the same way for all of them but tried to learn who each of them was and then help them each reach their full potential. We did this out of love, and we took it seriously because we desired that each of our three kids would reach adulthood with a maturity and ability to handle all the things that life throws at them.  

In our video today we will talk about how God does the same thing with each of us and how this is a wonderful gift of love. 

Discussion Questions:

What has God done in your life to help you become more mature in Him?

How have you helped others (your children, grandchildren, or others) in their life journeys to become complete and mature?


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