Jingle: An Advent Devotional – Friday, December 23, 2022

Writer: Robert (Bob) Heit

Ministry: Usher

Scripture: John 1:10-14

It was a pleasant afternoon in July, and our son and family were over for a cookout. The three children were in the pool, and the adults were conversing on the deck by the pool. I happened to look at the pool often because I was always nervous when kids were in the pool by themselves.

I looked toward the pool and saw our nearly three-year-old grandson, David, lying motionless on top of the water. I hollered, and our son immediately jumped in and brought him out. Our son began to administer CPR.  After a couple of coughs, David came to life. He seemed to be alright.

Hanah, a registered nurse, worked for our Pediatrician at the time. She called Dr. Paik who told us to bring David to her home right away. Dr. Paik examined him and told us that he seemed fine but to watch him closely for a few days and let her know if he showed any ill effects.

The long, and short of it all is that David never seemed to have any ill effects from the incident. He graduated near the top of his class in High School. He went on to study Nuclear Engineering at Michigan State University for two years, making the Dean’s List three out of four semesters. He then changed his Major to Fisheries and Wildlife. He is now completing his master’s degree at the University of New Hampshire and will be going to Oxford to complete his doctorate.

I can’t tell you how many times I have relived that moment in my mind over the years since, always thanking God for making me look there at that moment. GOD IS GOOD! He doesn’t ask us for much in return. He wants us to love Him, and others around us. He wants us to trust Him and accept Him as our Savior.

Daily Prayer: Heavenly Father, help us to love you with all of our hearts, and trust you completely to direct our lives so that we may be more like your son, Jesus.

Discussion/Reflection questions:

  1. Are you thanking God for the things He does for you each and every day?
  2. Can you think of times in your life when God has led you to trust him?

4 responses to “Jingle: An Advent Devotional – Friday, December 23, 2022”

  1. God is and always has been with us thru many events in our lives. I am grateful for that every day❤️


  2. Thank you for your words, Bob. You and Hannah always have thoughtful ways. Reminder of God’s steadfast presence and goodness.🎄🙏


  3. Wonderful devotion Bob….I make it a point to thank our Lord each day for the little things….and the big ones. May you and Hannah have many many joyful and thankful days ahead!


  4. Bob – thank you for telling your story of faith and blessings.


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