Lenten Study – Monday, February 27

Mark 1:35-45

I love the children I get to teach.  On Monday I always walk into work with some pep in my step because I know I am going to have a great week and a lot of FUN. 

As the week goes on the pep in my step sometimes starts to fade.  The long days start to get to me (I teach at afterschool as well, both first classes, 20ish kids from 3:30 to 5:30).  By Thursday and Friday, no matter how much I love those little humans, I am ready to get away from them.  I find that I need a recharge, am in need of a recentering, am in need of some time alone, without the voices of 12 first graders (and 20 in the afternoon) buzzing in my ear. 

I wonder if that is how Jesus felt, after all, he was fully human, as well as fully divine.  Did the human Jesus just need to get away from all the buzzing of the disciples and people who were wanting to be with him?  I think Jesus has a lot to teach us at the end of chapter 1 about making sure we care for ourselves and spend quality time with God.  What do you think?    

The Way of Peace Prayer: Jesus, I choose to follow your Way of Peace.  Lead me to one person that I can love, give hope, and bring your peace today. 

Blessings – Kristyne

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  1. Janet Swanson Avatar
    Janet Swanson

    Good food for thought.

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