Lenten Study – Thursday, March 9

I hope you are enjoying the Lent devotionals and they are guiding you into deep reflection during this season. I am greatly enjoying my study, but also, at times I am finding myself slightly confused. I think this is because Mark only has 16 chapters, so we had to break it down into short paragraphs to extend it to 40 days! The result is that sometimes we get these snippets that do not give us the entire picture. These snippets are quite often allegories that speak to some higher truth. 

Today’s scripture is an example of that, two allegories that speak to a broader truth. Our reading is just a few verses about a lamp being placed where it will give light and then a challenge to pay attention so that we will receive more understanding. At face value this scripture can seem kind of confusing. The passage seems like a random thought from outer space. If you are like me, you must read it within the context of the whole, so I invite you to feel free to read the entire chapter to make sense of the passage for today.

Jesus begins his discourse talking about a lamp that must not be hidden. It makes me think about night lights. I like to sleep in total darkness, and I can’t sleep until every little light in every room of our house is turned off. When Jim’s mom visits, she usually brings several new night lights, lol. She places one in the bathroom, another one in the kitchen, and one in the hallway. She does this because she knows she will never find a night light anywhere in our house! Not only does she bring these new night lights, but then she almost always leaves them when she returns home. I can live with them for her visit, but as soon as she is out of the house I walk around, collecting all the night lights and throw them in a drawer. Over the years, this drawer has become full of slightly used nightlights! While I still struggle with lights being on at night, I have begun to understand Jim’s mom as I find myself getting older. I understand that she needs the light when she gets up at night to see amidst the darkness. 

I believe both allegories are speaking of the same thing. Jesus is challenging the crowds to see and hear who is speaking to them. God has come to them, but often they were so wrapped in the cares of their world they could not see, hear, or believe. How about us? What prevents us from seeing the light? Understanding what the Spirit is prompting us to do or to believe? Spend a few minutes reflecting on this. Read the scripture a couple of times and pray that God will help us see, hear, understand, and believe. Have a great day!

Scripture: Mark 4:21-25

Prayer: Jesus, I choose to follow your Way of Peace. Lead me to one person that I can love, give hope, and bring your peace to today. Amen.



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