Lenten Study – March 10, 2023

Isn’t it crazy how there are some memories that never seem to go away. One of my early memories happened in the second grade and I have a vivid memory of it. In the spring of my second grade year each of us were given a seed, a styrofoam cup and some dirt. We planted a seed into a cup, covered it with the dirt and then watered it. Over the next few days, we watched our cups, watered our dirt and waited.  Amazingly, over just a few short days we found ourselves overjoyed when our seeds had transformed into a new shoot coming out of the dirt of our cup. 

Maybe this is such a powerful memory for me, because I was raised in a family of gardeners and from the time I was born, my Dad and both Grandad’s had big vegetable gardens. I think that little experiment of putting one seed into one little Styrofoam cup was a significant coming of age experience––even for a seven year old. 

This is the story that comes to my mind when I read todays passage. So, I encourage you to take a few minutes to read the passage and then join me on the video, so we can unwrap what Jesus is teaching through this parable. 

Scripture: Mark 4:26-29

Prayer: Jesus I choose to follow your Way of Peace. Lead me to one person that I can love, give hope, and bring your peace to today. Amen. 



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