Lenten Study, Thursday, March 16

Scripture: Mark 6:30-44

Have you ever been asked to do something that seemed impossible… really impossible? Think all the way back when a parent asked you to learn a musical instrument, or bring your grades up, or clean your room. Or how about now, as parents of adult children and we see them facing terrible situations, we wish we could solve things for them? We might as well give up and say, it can’t be done! I think that’s how the disciples felt with a hungry crowd of over 5,000 people and they thought people should be dismissed so they could go find something to eat. Jesus responded as a matter of fact, “You feed them!” I can almost visualize Peter’s jaw dropping, “with what?” “Who do you think WE are?” Many different thoughts probably went through the disciples’ minds. They had just returned from preaching the good news and healing the sick, but they could not see how they could feed a crowd of hungry folks. Jesus asked them to bring in what they had, a few pieces of bread and some fish. That was it.

Here is my thought. We might have a few insurmountable things in front of us and Jesus might be looking at us saying, “You take care of it.” He says it with confidence, and our hearts sink. How? We ask ourselves. What do you mean, me take care of it? Do you know how small I am? Jesus might gently ask, “bring me what you have.” So here is the question, what do you have to give Jesus to solve the situation you are facing? A few minutes to pray? A five-minute walk filled with gratitude? How about a reading of the gospel of Mark to grow in your faith? Guess what? Jesus takes that and multiplies it to provide for our need in abundance, and even enough to share with those around us. Let’s give it a try today. We might be spiritually hungry and those around us might be spiritually starving. Jesus asks us today, “Bring me what you have!”

Prayer: Jesus, I choose to follow your Way of Peace. Lead me to one person that I can love, give hope, and bring your peace to today. Amen!

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