Lenten Study, Friday, March 31

Scripture: Mark 12:35-44
My mom trained us to give offering in church. Every time before going to church we would line up, all five of us, as mom gave us each a coin so we could drop it in the offering. We loved being part of the ritual of the passing of the plate and the ability to drop a coin in the plate. I felt so proud, and I felt I was part of the church. As I grew up and got my first job, I began to make an intentional decision of my own to set an amount aside to give back to God. It has been hard at times. I remember when Jim was in seminary and I worked full time to pay rent and food, we often could barely pay our bills. I wondered sometimes if it was responsible for me to give a tithe or an offering. Jim and I prayed about it and felt led to continue our giving no matter what. Today, I give testimony that God has always provided all that we needed. (I’m including the picture I showed on the video since it was not very clear in the video.)

What makes Jesus’ story so powerful in today’s scripture, is not the amount of the gift from the widow, but the fact she gave all she had. I believe this speaks of faith. While others gave from what they had left, she gave from all she had, and she gave it with an attitude of gratitude. I know that God does not need our gifts, but we give our gifts in acknowledgement that all we have belongs to him.

What is your attitude toward giving? Are you a cherry giver or a reluctant giver? Maybe part of Lent is to examine our hearts when it comes to giving. Jesus challenged the disciples to reflect on what they had observed that day, and he challenges us to reflect on this scripture today. Blessings to all of you and have a great day! 

Prayer: Jesus, I choose to follow your Way of Peace. Lead me to one person that I can love, give hope, and bring your peace to today. Amen!

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  1. Thank you Loida for adding the photo so we could see it; really makes a point. Have so appreciated the Lenten devotions. Hope I can get someone to walk me through the display next week on FT. Hate to miss it in person. May God bless and keep you , Jim, and Krystina for your thoughtfulness in preparing these messages.

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