Dealing with Diversity

Welcome to week three of your Sobremesa Dinner Group. Hopefully, by now, your group is already feeling like a wonderful part of life. It is usually at this point that we begin to realize that the people we’ve invited to be part of our Dinner Group are not like us and that is why we have to set up safeguards, which will be shared in this introduction, to keep us together and growing deeper even in the face of our diversity. It is the intentional things we do to celebrate diversity that help groups develop into becoming refrigerator friends and that allows participants to work through their spiritual questions. 

As you prepare for your third gathering, we encourage you to take a few minutes and work through the materials below. Watch the introductory video, read through the checklist of important items for the evening and read through the Jesus Story with its corresponding questions, so that when the evening comes you can feel at ease and have a fun time with your developing community.