Planning for a Long-Term Community

It may be hard to believe that you are actually coming up on your fourth Sobremesa Dinner Group gathering. Our prayer is that over the past few months your group has jelled and begun the process of going deep with each other. However, we also realize that for some groups this has not happened. With this in mind, there are several important items that have to take place at your fourth gathering.

To begin with, you and your ministry partner(s) have to make the decision of whether the group will continue. If you feel that the group is not going to work out, you will need to enter into your gathering with the expressed goal of celebrating time together and saying goodbye to the group. If you decide your group is making the first stages of connecting at a deeper level, you will need to make plans for moving ahead.

As you prepare for this, your Fourth Sobremesa Dinner Group gathering, we encourage you to watch the video and to work through other items below.