Sobremesa Cafe


Welcome to the Sobremesa Cafe. This is a place to connect, learn and to grow a Sobremesa Dinner Group. Spend time looking around. Use what helps and leave what doesn’t. If you need help in the process, please let us know and we will be glad to assist in any way we can.

tray of fruits and coffee near powered on laptop on brown table

First Four Weeks

This is where you can find information on starting a new Sobremesa Dinner Group.

friends sitting at table with coffee in cafe

Ice Breakers and Games

Ever needed a good icebreaker to get a time going? Then this is for you.

assorted variety of foods on plates on dining table

Jesus Stories

These Jesus Stories are for you to use in your Groups to spur conversation and to work through spiritual questions in life.

Community Board

A place to share and connect. We all need community, we need a place to get ideas, share our fears, struggles, frustrations and our victories as well. We hope this will be a place to do this and find that you are not alone.

Click here to connect to our community board.